Saturday, May 06, 2006

I think this is an addiction...

Got home from the funeral seminar (which went quite well) about 3:40 this afternoon to find that the cable was out.

Now we have internet service through the cable company so no cable not only means limited (one fuzzy channel) TV but no blogs, no e-mail, no mind wasting games. Service wasn't restored until about 9:15. WE had nothing to do! It was boring! Well not quite true, we had to tag team trying everything we knew (cajoling, ordering, asking) to get the girls to go to and stay in bed.

Seriously, they go to bed at 7ish. When I got home last night (9:15) the youngest was still awake. Tonight they were still trying to run laps in the bedroom at 8:30. Mom and I were getting a little frustrated. ANy hints on getting kids to settle down and go to sleep? Our next rick will be to put them in separate rooms and then move one back to bed after she is asleep--we nap them in separate roms already.

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