Sunday, May 07, 2006

Kids Say the...

#1) This morning I had an open Tulip and an almost open tulip for children's time. WE were talking about flowers coming from bulbs and how a tulip is actually planted in the fall and comes up in early spring when everything else looks dead. Then we sang Natalie Sleeth's In the Bulb there is a flower. While the kids come up, Sarah looks at the flower and announces "Eww, bug". Then looks at it again and "Eww bug, spider" (granted, the inside of a tulip looks a little bit like a spider but still). Then we talk about flowers and I ask if they want to smell it and she holds her nose and says "yucky". Our small congregation could all hear her, definitely they could all see her. Gotta love the PK.

#2) The girls have really been into watching for birdies lately so we decided to fill an put out our bird-feeder (that we didn't quite get out during the winter). The girls excitedly helped put the peanuts into it. And then as it was full and I stood up to hang it Devyn starts calling "OK birdies, birdies". Later we were in the house and they looked out the window to see the feeder and together called "Birdies! Birdies!"


  1. Oh the cuteness! Those PK's are adorable.

  2. It gets better. As we were getting changed for bad Sarah looked at my shirt (a LAbatt's shirt I won at a curling funspiel) and called it my "superhero" shirt. "WHat kind of superhero am I?" I asked. Superhero Daddy.