Wednesday, May 10, 2006

If Cats Can Do It...

THen so can Dogs. Here are Sheba's answers to this meme (seen on Reluctant Prophet)

Q: What is your favorite food? Whatever the little ones are eating. THey walk around and it is so easy to share.
Q: What is your favorite toy? THose young humans have some really interesting things. THe little one likes to put them in my mouth from time to time. BUt then they tell me not to chew on them -- is that fair??? Oh, you mean my toys. well then the ball at Grandma's house is pretty good.
Q: What is your best trick? What tricks? I am supposed to do things?
Q: What is your favorite human trick? I have them well trained. Whenever I want attention I just wind my chain around something and they come to play with me. Works great.
Q: What human rule do you break most often? THey have this strange idea that I am not supposed to come up and jump on their heads in the morning. How else am I supposed to let them know it is time to get up and let me out?
Q: What do you wish your human knew about you? When I see people on MY street I need to let them know. Stop dragging me inside just because I am warning them to behave.
Q: What are you glad that your human doesn't know about you? THey don't seem to realize that I can sleep just fine on the floor. Helps me move towards taking over the bed eventually.