Friday, May 12, 2006

The Friday 5

1. Describe a memorable conference, retreat, workshop or convention you've attended. LAst June Patty and I went to Halifax for Worship Matters, an annual symposium on issues related to, well, worship. I did stuff on sermons and on music, Patty did Children's ministry and music. The conference itself was great, but we had most of a day to see the sites of Halifax before it started. (This year's event is in Vancouver, we aren't going for some reason.
2. Tell us about a memorable speaker or preacher you've heard. At the Banff Men's Conference I have heard former Moderator the Very Rev. Stan McKay, always well worth it. Last year in Halifax Don Saliers was one of the keynote speakers.
3. Do you attend all of the scheduled events, or play hooky? If the latter, what do you do with your free time? At educational-typ events I usually attend most of the scheduled things. AT church-court mettings well, lets just say I need to move around from time to time. Oh and there needs to be some point when the Book Display gets visited.
4. Do you like having a roommate or would you rather have a room to yourself? Generally I need time to replenish so time to myself is good.
5. What's the most exotic location you've conferenced or retreated? A tie between Banff and Halifax.

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