Monday, May 29, 2006


THis Sunday is Pentecost. I am going to talk about transformation. BUt I have one big question.

Do we really want to be transformed?

AS I was writing my opening thoughts this afternoon it struck me that this is the big question about transformation. In fact it is the big question about allowing the Spirit to be active in our faith lives and communities. Are we willing to let the Spirit blow as it will or do we want to shape and channel it into "appropriate" forms.

My plan (at this point, it is only Monday after all) is to talk about Ezekiel and transformation in the places we dont' expect to find life, much less abundant life. But still I wonder, are we really even looking for transformation or does it just sound like a good idea?


  1. Your opening thoughts look great Gord!

    Your question about whether we really want transformation or not is very appropriate as a follow up to the Conference theme.

  2. After a frustrating long range planning meeting with my governing board I would say the answer is definitely 'no'.