Monday, June 19, 2006


Help please!

I just put a post on the church blog and the whole blog has disappeared! As I was looking at settings and so on to try to find out what happened it appears that half the template code is gone. Suggestions? (No I didn't have the code saved anywhere as a back up--but am about to do so for this blog).

I rebuilt the template--but now the spacing is screwy. More work ahead I suppose.

Got it! Ended up changing the base template but I got it. ANd Patty says it looks less like a wanted poster now.


  1. Gremlins. I changed the look on my blog and found myself with a huge reconstruction job--not yet completed.

    Hey, my wife tells me you were at Inner Dorothy's church yesterday. I was still ill; sorry to have missed you all.

  2. Just here to offer sympathy. I hate when blogging stuff goes haywire. Gives me a headache every time.

  3. Yes, she made the mistake of asking a question at children's time. Sarah was more than willing to answer, and keep answering.

    Next month I am thinking of changing my template for my blogiversary--but will be sure to set aside time to do that.