Thursday, June 29, 2006

SOcial Values Survey

Hat tip to Poor Mad Peter

This survey assesses human social values by asking questions about your view of the world, and about your personal goals, wishes, hopes, dreams, and expectations. When you have finished it you will be classified into the social values tribe you show the strongest similarity to and be given a more detailed profile of your tribe.

My results say:

We have diagnosed you as most likely being a member of the:Autonomous Rebels with similarities to Connected Enthusiasts

Autonomous Rebels:
Fundamental Motivations
Personal Autonomy and Self-fulfillment

Key Values
Scepticism toward Traditional Institutions
Question Authority

Words to Live By
Knowledge is power
I did it my way
The personal is political

Governor General Adrienne Clarkson
Philosopher and critic Mark Kingwell
Talk show host Pamela Wallin
Environmentalist David Suzuki
Hillary and Bill Clinton
Martin Luther King Jr.
Gloria Steinem
John Lennon


  1. We share Adrienne Clarkson on our icons. Cool!

  2. WEll Peter, when you look at teh gaph our "tribes" are in virtually the same position, but are differeing by generation (mind you I find that generational differences can easily -and often are- be over-generalized)