Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Good News About Marriage

Most Canadians marry once and only once, and less than 1% walk down the aisle more than twice, according to a new study.

THis study paints a much brighter picture of the state of marriage in Canada than many would have us believe. And the full article says only 1/3 of marriages end in divorce before the 30th anniversary -- unlike the 50% that keeps getting thrown around. It is also interesting to look at what the study suggests are important aspects to a marriage being stronger or weaker (less or more likely to end in divorce). Thus far I have really only scanned the report, it warrants a closer lok when i have more time and eyes that are less sleepy.


  1. How about second marriages? I am under the impression that they have a higher failure rate than first marriages.

  2. THat is suggested by the report this is true.

  3. Evidently, the higher failure rate is blamed on trying to blend families.