Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Holiday Time

I am on holidays this week (minus the 2-hour teleconference this morning). SO how am I spending it?

  1. Lots of time reading blogs and playing computer games.
  2. extra time with the girls (we went swimming yesterday morning).
  3. cut the lawn yesterday -- on our lot that is a 2 hour job at least.
  4. as a result of bug bites doing #3 spent 2 hours waiting to see the Dr. on-call today. Last night whem Miriam woke to feed my lower arm and hand were in great pain. THe elbow area was fiery to the touch and somewhat swollen. It was better this morning but after feeding Miriam the weight on the elbow had everyting aching again so off to the Dr. Diagnosis is a strong reaction to a bug bite and treat symptoms with analgesics and anti-histamines (pretty much what I suspected but the pain/wekness in the hand were a little off-putting).
  5. a restful day tomorrow (minus another 2-hour meeting) and then off to my mother-in-law's for the Thurs-Sun. May even go to hear a fellow blogger preach on Sunday...


  1. Enjoy your break Gord -- you deserve it.

    If you come to the little church on the corner this Sunday, you will hear a very good preacher. I'm on Study leave as of Saturday, so it won't be me :)

    However, the preacher is well known to the blog world, as the partner of Poor Mad Peter!


  2. Well then I guess you just might miss your chance to meet Miriam (or Miriam Hope as her sister calls her--always, corrects us if we only say one name)

  3. Awwww.......why don't you stop by our place over the weekend? Friday is busy, but we'll be home the rest of the weekend.