Sunday, December 10, 2006

An Advent Musical Quiz

LAst year I posted a Christmas Carol Quiz that Ralph Milton had included in Rumors* THis year Ralph has included a similar quiz using Advent music. I thought I would share it with you and put the answers up on Tuesday (I got very few of these right):
  • 1. Archaic form of "look," masculine singular arrives accompanied by visible bodies of very fine water droplets or ice particles suspended in the atmosphere but getting lower
  • 2. Arrive, arrive, God-with-us
  • 3. Arrive second person possessive political or territorial unit ruled by a sovereign - on flexed joint between the thigh and the lower leg
  • 4. Console and reassure yourselves personal possessive community
  • 5. "Dormant ones, become conscious!" A sound produced by the vocal organs astonishes and bewilders first person plural
  • 6. Fracture, period of light between dawn and nightfall belong to the being conceived as the perfect, omnipotent, omniscient originator and ruler of the universe, the principal object of faith and worship in monotheistic religions, rupture
  • 7. Hang around for the one of noble birth, whose span of 24 hours approaches
  • 8. Hey youse! Don't stare westwardly. The chronological appointment approaches.
  • 9. Listen attentively to the delighted vibrations transmitted through an elastic solid or a liquid or gas, with frequencies in the approximate range of 20 to 20,000 hertz, capable of being detected by human organs of hearing! The person who rescues another from harm, danger, or loss draws near.
  • 10 Listen! An announcing voice is making a lot of noise
  • 11. Move closer protractedly-anticipated son of Mary and Joseph
  • 12. Nocturnal, self-luminous celestial bodies' designer
  • 13. Notice the oral emission in the area without structures and transportation
  • 14. On the shore of the waterway, the name of which means "descender", the declamation of the immerser
  • 15. Please arrive, heavenly anticipated saviour of the Jews
  • 16. Put the direction in order ancient Jerusalem
  • 17. Salute the person who has been smeared by a member of the aristocracy
*"From Ralph Milton's RUMORS, a free Internet 'e-zine' for Christians with a sense of humor." To Subscribe: Send an e-mail to: Don't put anything else in that e-mail

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