Wednesday, December 20, 2006

But How will we know?

CBC reports:

Clarifying an earlier statement that U.S. forces are neither winning nor losing in Iraq, President George W. Bush says he believes they will win.

And that is all well and good. It is good to have confidence (even if it sometimes seems misplaced). But what are the signs of "victory"? How will we know when the war is won?

And I still take offence to the ongoing suggestion that overshopping and overconsuming is a patriotic duty (see the end of the article).

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  1. I find it nothing short of appalling to hear Bush and his cronies using the word "win" at all. With the number of Iraqi civilians that have died since the beginning of this atrocity, the word "win" rings a bit cold.

    And yes, that bit about how spending all your money at the mall is patriotic is fairly sad.