Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Bad Joke Alert!

Last night we went to see the Nylons. An excellent concert. I wish I had that much energy (or could sing for that matter).

Anyway, as part of their patter they pointed out that they had CDs for sale so everyone could get some nylons for their Christmas stocking. But that wasn't the real groaner of the night:

At another point one of the members said that he figured Charles Dickens must have liked to drink vodka martinis. And it showed in his writing--all those times he was asked (say this out loud) "olive-or twist"?

Just had to share...


  1. Wow, are they still around?

  2. THat they are. Only one original member still though. This is their 25th year.

  3. Anonymous6/12/06 07:17

    Haha, saw your blog while surfing on the internet, cute stuff. Next time you are at the bar use these jokes it will certainly break the ice or break something.