Wednesday, January 04, 2006

And We're Back...

GOt back into town this afternoon--and by the time we finished unpacking and organizing I was ready for another break.

'Twas a nice quiet week. But really too short. Round about Saturday night/Sunday I finally started to decompress.

Found out that the girls love flying. NO problems in all the take-offs or landings. Sarah in particular wants to get right back on a plane. ANd now back to work. 2 deaths while I was off (other clergy in town took the services) and time to start prepping for the ANnual Meeting...

PS: Just have to share what Sarah said on Christmas morning when she came downstairs. (I was waiting down in the living room for mom and the girls.) AS soon as she could see in the room her eyes went wide, she took a deep breath and out came the words "Oh Daddy!" in a tone of pure awe.

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