Monday, January 30, 2006

Fun Times!!!

Latelly Sarah has decided that she needs to take her diaper off during "nap time" (understand that no actual napping takes place 9 out of 10 days). Generally not a problem.

Today mom went to let her out of bed and found that we had pooped. Now the throw rug and bedding (from both beds) is being washed and mom got to wash poop off the hard wood floor. Please tell me toilet training is just around the corner?????


  1. Better than washing poop out of carpet. Believe me.

  2. According to my Mom, I did this too. Sort of like finger painting, only different.

  3. WIthout a doubt Alice, without a doubt. ANd one of the many arguements in favor of hardwood over wall-to-wall carpeting.

  4. Anonymous31/1/06 07:02

    Gord, you gotta give a warning on such posts. I read it before breakfast, oi. - i remember well when my kids were little, and a bit of excrement here or there was just part of the day really. But then you age. you forget about dabbling parentally/unreservedly in pooh. Then comes the day when an early morning pooh image changes the taste of your morning coffee. , , just kidding.