Thursday, January 26, 2006

I'm not here

If anyone asks that is. I am actually writing my last devotional for Ordinary Time (or rewriting actually).. Who knew that a simple little devotional would lead me to reflect on guilt, shame, inadequacy and atonement -- all on the same day. Oh yeah it needs a rewrite.

Or of course I could be figuring out what my introductory comments for Sundy's sermon discussion will be (Scripture is the new heaven and earth from Rev 21 and the houses on rock and sand in Matthew 7. Discussion questions are:
  • What are RUC’s greatest strengths?
  • What is your hope for RUC?
  • Where do you see the need to change? To stay the same?

Mind you I think option c sounds good--veg out watching an ER rerun and pass all the other stuff to my "day off" tomorrow. Yeah, that fits. Night all.

Oh and an update on my celebrity reader gig. THey ran late and I was cancelled--or as the newspaper editior (who read first) put it "they made sure the real celebrities got to read." Hey with friends like that... (Update Feb 2: Or words to that effect--maybe not those exact ones but the same intent was heard)


  1. Ouch. Apparently once you hit the big time as a celebrity, life gets pretty rough.

    I like your discussion questions for Sunday -- good stuff.

  2. So, if you're not here, am i hallucinating this comment...?

  3. You're still OUR celebrity reader!

  4. Aw shucks thanks PPB