Monday, January 09, 2006

Now this is just plain Bizarre

Just read a story in the paper about an "unusual baptism". The family are big fans of Elvis apparently. The church in question was Christ the King Graceland Independent Anglican Church. To quote from the story (I can't find a link to it anywhere on Google):

Two year old Presley Mitchell was simultaneously welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of Rock...The couple chose Sunday to baptize the boy because it would have been "The King's" 71st birthday. The tot was dressed as a mini-Elvis and baptised by an Elvis Presley preacher in a church dedicated to the memory of the King of Rock. "It's absolutely amazing that almost 30 years since his passing his presence is still here"...
Now to begin with, what the heck is an Independent Anglican Church? And why do this to the child? And really, is it about the baptism or the show


  1. My father used to observe about a couple of 'independent' Presbyterian churches in our town that they were an oxymoron. Being a Presbyterian meant being part of a connectional church.

    Ditto this group here. Sounds like they want all the cachet of calling themselves "Episcopalian" with none of the accountability.

  2. Independent=irresponsible, in this context. Same with the much-abused word "free".

    Thank yuh, thank yuh very much. Thank yuh...