Sunday, January 08, 2006


HAt tip to Jo(e)
Four jobs I’ve had:
  • Family Support Worker
  • camp director -- and various other jobs at camp (paid and volunteer)
  • gasbar attendant -- paid my way through University this way
  • cook -- at 4 different places
Four movies I've seen more than once
  • Star Wars (all three of the Original trilogy)
  • Sound of Music
  • THe Princess Bride
  • 10 Things I Hate About You
Four places I’ve lived
  • Saskatoon (born there and then went to seminary there as an adult)
  • St. Albert (grew up there)
  • Lacombe (internship #2)
  • Edson (internship #1)
Four TV shows I’ve seen more than one episode of
  • MASH
  • ER
  • West Wing (although it isn't nearly as good this season)
  • Law & Order (all manifestations, even Trial by Jury)
Four places I've been on vacation
  • Disneyland (as a child)
  • Great Britain
  • Rocky Mountains (many times, most recently just last week)
  • FRINGE theatre festivals (in Edmonton and Winnipeg)
Four blogs I visit daily
See the blogroll in the sidebar? I visit any of those that have been updated each day. Some don't tell me (Blogrolling communication issues) so I visit them as well to check. No, I will not set aside 4 of them for this meme.

Four Favorite Foods
  • Chocolate (can that count for all four?)
  • corn on the cob
  • pasta
  • stuffing--which is really the only reason to have a turkey dinner
Four places I'd rather be (actually I am happy where I am. These are 4 places I would like to travel)
  • Australia & New Zealand
  • a cross-country tour of Canada, by rail
  • Germany, well all of Western Europe
  • Israel/Palestine
The four CDs I listened to most recently
  • Best of the 80's
  • Rankin Family Collection
  • World Playground (remember I have 2 toddlers)
  • The Needfire
Last four vehicles I’ve owned
I have only had four vehicles in my life. The first was a 1977 Civic Hatchback I had for 6 years. Then I upgraded to a 1988 Accord 4 door (4 years). Next was a brand new 2002 Grand Am which we only kept for 20 months because with baby #2 on the way it wasn't going to be enough room. Now we have a 2004 Venture van.

Things in my life that come in fours
  • Seasons
  • Weeks of vacation I get


  1. OK, Gord, how do we blogrollers let you know we've updated, he asked commununications-challengedly.

  2. anyone on blogspot is fine Peter. It just seems that BLogrolling doesn't get the proper feed from some blog sites (typepad for example)

  3. I had forgotten about corn on the cob. That is certainly in my top ten food list ....