Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A CLass Act

The Olympics, a time to celebrate sport and sports(person)ship. In theory at least. SOme would suggest that the Olympics are now all about wining the most medals and national pride/shame and setting yourself up for the lucrative endorsement contracts that come with the Gold. But then you read a story like this:
Renner was able to recover from a broken pole on the third lap of the six-lap race on the Pragelato Plan course. In only a few calm strides, she found a sympathetic Norwegian coach, who handed her a replacement for the snapped ski pole.
The Canadian pair went on to take Silver while the Norwegians came in 4th. An act of kindness by their coach may well have cost them a medal. It is nice to know that even in these days of doping scandals and "win at all costs" news the spirit of sports(person)ship still wins out some days.

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