Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Flexibility--a good thing

It is all well and good for the Bible in 90 Days people to talk about reading a set number of pages a day (a number that is different for me since I am not using their printing). And it is a great way to make the task seem manageable. But really, the breaking points often make no sense. Last night the breaking point left a mere 4 verses not only in a chapter but in an actual story (Ehud the Judge). How do you get people to follow the story when you tell them to stop reading 95% of the way through????

Really I think the process would be far better to start with an idea of how much to read a day, then as you write out the break points check if they need alteration so that it is a natural place to pause for the day. The goal is to experience the Scripture, not just to say that you've read it. Isn't it??

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  1. You're right, Gord. When I did BIND I often stopped at a natural breaking point in the narrative,which was usually only half a page to a couple of pages off the 12 page mark. I've always encouraged others to do the same.