Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Life In Utero

WEnt for an ultrasound today. Took both girls with us so they could see baby (last week they got to hear baby which was, apparently, very exciting).

Why is it that the 2.75 year old had such a good grasp on what she was seeing? "Look, baby hand!" Technician says, "yep that's a hand". Much more exciting from a child's viewpoint--meanwhile mom and dad are trying to make out anything other than head and spine (which show up very clearly). And it seems that they have changed the logic about drinking--a full bladder now gets in the way. Too bad no-one told us and mom had to endure the bursting bladder feeling for no reason :(

All looks well though, some comment about a big belly (baby's, not mom) apparently but baby is active and sucking on thumb, no wait that looked more like a foot, yep sucking on a toe.


  1. Anonymous14/2/06 21:22

    How cool! I have to admit I can never see anything in those ultra sound photos. So cool that the wee ones could!

  2. They should have told you something: the bigger the fetus, the less room for everything else, including distended bladders.

    We treasure a memory of fetus-Em at around 4-5 months (memory faded) doing handsprings, it looked like, in the womb. All in living black and white, on the ultrasound...

  3. Sucking on a toe ... sounds like dad!!

    Gord, I had time, with my coffee in hand (fair trade of course) to read over you blog - I had missed the news you and your clan were awaiting a third ... Thank you. In the midst of all turmoil in Minnedosa that bouys my spirits ...

    May you and yours be in the hand of the Living God, as your news reminds us poigniantly and vividly that in the face of tragedy, the resurrection comes sometimes in little steps ...

    snippets of good news ... donations of stuff ... hugs ... tears ... and the news that a friend will be blessed with new life.

    shalom my friend,

    rev.shawn 'dosa