Friday, February 03, 2006

RGBP FRiday 5 -- Dirty Deeds

Please name five deeds you have performed unwillingly, half-heartedly, resentfully or inadequately. Feel free to interpret the word “deeds” as loosely as suits you.
  1. Dog with very prolific bowel + winter with lots of snow = springtime fun
  2. The Main Lodge at the camp I worked at during University had bats. In the kitchen. Doing what bats do. Needing to be swept up every day.
  3. Dusting. I mean really, whats the point???
  4. When working graveyard shift at a gas bar the owner wanted the pumps polished. Not just wiped off but use the chrome polish and everything--they were gas pumps for pete's sake!
  5. cleaning deep fryers (filtering oil, cleaning out the inside--ever seen what a french fry becomes if it falls to the bottom of a fryer??)


  1. Cleaning a deep fryer sounds terrible!

  2. AS with any such job, it is better if done regularly (one place I worked we filtered the oil at least every second day). Of course if not done regularly it takes a lot of scrubbing.