Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Oh that feels good

To put it bluntly, I love tax software. It just makes the job so much easier! Got the last of my slips today and did our taxes in about an hour. Then with the ability to file electronically they are already in. Now it is time to sit back and wait for the cash.

In other news...
10 years ago to night I was returning to the hostel in London after visiting Westminster Abbey (including the tour of the Royal tombs). It was day 2 of my 2 month (58 days in my journal) trip to England, Ireland and Scotland. My journal entry for that day shows signs of the excitement at what I was seeing (went to the British Museum that day) and also of my nervousness/anxiety about the trip and the cost. It also shows signs of the mild depression that was afflicting me on and off at the time, in reading what I wrote I remember the feeling that I would run out of money far too soon, and remember the sickness in my gut that came with it (although that may have partly been due to time change adjustments and lack of sleep).

Over the next 2 months I plan to reread my journal of that trip, and look at the pictures. It will be a way to look back at where/who I was then.

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