Monday, February 06, 2006

NEw Cabinet Today

Canada now has a new Prime Minister and Cabinet. Stephen HArper was sworn in this morning, The Cabinet listing is here.

It is not all bad. Only some of the scarier members of the party got in. Some good news too, Peter MacKay as Foreign Affairs, I was afraid Stockwell Day would get that. But Jim Flaherty as Finance is troubling (though predicted), as is Tony Clement for Health. What truly surprised me was that after all the noise Harper made about Belinda Stronach crossing the floor into cabinet last year he did the exact same thing with David Emerson. And then after all these years complaining about the "democratic deficit" in Canada (which does exist as more and more power has been centralized into the Prime Minister's Office) Harper named an unelected party functionary to Cabinet.

NOw we find out how well the Conservatives can govern in a minority position when the rest of the parties are centrist or left of center.

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