Monday, February 27, 2006

THe Perils of Being Away

Returned from Presbytery at noon today. Spent the first half-hour at my computer (without reading any blogs!) getting caught up on e-mail reading and forums in which I take part. THen went over to the church for another hour+ on that computer (including an entry on the church blog) before coming back here to get the bulletin and communion liturgy for next Sunday done-up -- another couple of hours there. ANd of course there were some phone calls to return and so forth in between.

Up next in the week is a newsletter article (deadline yesterday, no idea what it will be about, maybe something on UCCan history? or polity? or church visioning? or?????) and a newspaper column (really not due till next week but next week I lose most of 3 days for a meeting in W-peg) which also has no topic as of yet -- thinking seriously about something around leadership since what passes for public debate in this town is gettting terrible. And of course there are little matters of getting the newsletter put together, and visiting, and the unknowns... Thankfully I got the dreaded "blue forms" (statistics forms for the national church office) filled out last week.

BUt Presbytery was good. Lots of stuff I have yet to fully process and figure out what to do with. Some good thoughts about the "demonic" myth of scarcity as opposed to a reality of abundance. Hm, that would make a good newsletter or newspaper topic too. I just have to find those stats the speaker used...

Night all, need to sleep on this (well on anything right about now).

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