Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Which way is "Right"?

This Sunday we are celebrating Communion. AS part of my series of sermons about the church we are doing a drama where Knox and Wesley appear before a judge to decide how the United Church of Canada will celebrate communion. In the course of the dialogue they reveal what meaning their respective traditions assign to various aspects of the celebration. Then of course the judge decides that the UCCan will use both traditions--which we indeed do.

But I am wondering, what do you think faithful reader(s)? How do you prefer the sacrament to be served? Intinction? "shot glasses"? Common cup? Pre-cut cubed bread or tear a chunk off the loaf? Wine or grape juice? And why does your preference speak to you?

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  1. I'd loved to see feedback to this. I'm doing my reserach paper for seminary on the Eucharist. It would be interesting to see how the church in canada differs from the UMC and others in Finland