Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Quandry

One of the expectations of members of the Order of Ministry is that they attend the Annual Meeting of Conference. And I actually quite enjoy them, they are tiring and long but I look forward to attending.

However this year the meeting ends on a Sunday (as always) and we have a C-Section booked for the following Tuesday, yes two days later. Now technically we can make the travel work with the schedule -- travel from/to the city of the hospital rather than from home gets me back in time for pre-op stuff on the Monday--for me to attend. Patty is then terribly jealous since she really enjoys these gatherings as well (our poor children will have no choice but to like, or at least put up with, church meetings).

THe decision then, since it is possible, and it is sort of an expectation (albeit one many people openly flout), is it terribly insensitive of me to actually go?


  1. Tough call there Gord. Your children are the highlight of my attendance at Presbytery and Conference meetings. They are just so sweet!

    While I enjoy the fellowship and catching up with folks, as you know, the business part of the meetings does nothing for me. I admire your enthusiastic commitment to this requirement of the Manual. On the other hand, babies come when they are ready.... like I said, tough call.

    How did Patty vote on this one???

  2. SHe is probably best described as begrudgingly accepting of the fact that I might go without her. Oh and if I do I may well be looking for transport from Small City on the Lake to Big city on the rivers...

  3. I'm sure something can be worked out travel wise. Sadly, my poor old rusty van can't make the trip anymore so I'll be counting on the kindness of Presbyters too. I'm sure it won't be a problem.

  4. What are the chances she might go into labor before the C-section? That's what would be worrying me, whether I were the mama or the papa. (But I am known for worrying...)

  5. What songbird said. Also, does your wife need your help with the kids and whatever else to get ready and rested in preparation for the C-section?

  6. Songbird-- the labour quetsion is fairly remote. THey book these things at 38 weeks precisely to avoid the likelihood (it does little good to book a surgery only to have mom go into labour beforehand and have to take a 2 hour ambulance ride--she did that on #1 and never again)

    ppk -- that is more open. She would be at her mom's for that weekend with all her family in town, but whether that is more restful than being here as we rush around is unsure. My parents are arriving sometime that weekend as well to help (and to provide childcare while we are busy at the hospital).

  7. Gord:
    skip the AGM - your place is at home. I missed several AGMs in my ministry - two because of the arrival of my youngest and oldest ... Some said Mag and I planned it that way.
    Though I was looking forward to meeting you face to face - this year be the sensitive new age guy, and stay home and savour the arrival of the new member of your clan. The sun will rise and set, and the AGM will happen without you ... it is an expectation not a non-negotiable obligation.

    stay home my friend, stay home ...