Friday, March 24, 2006

Friday Five -- Planet Gord

Yesterday, as I drove past Planet Fitness on my way to Planet Dog, and remembering there is also a Planet Hollywood, I wondered, "If there were a Planet Songbird, what would it look like?" I began to envision a store selling all my favorite things, probably in the kind of house I lived in as a child, one of those late 19th-century houses with a long hallway on the side and double parlors on the other, with windows to the floor facing the front porch.

Name five things that would be on the shelves of Planet (Your Name).

  1. Low-cost travel agency. Bargain flights, hostel memberships and guides, Rail/Bus passes etc.
  2. Books of many kinds. Middle-Earth. Harry Potter. Narnia. The stories and commentary on same. Also good quality children's books -- lots of those. Theology/philosophy. General fiction. History, particularly Canadian and European.
  3. A wide selection of music, both recorded (CDs) and music books. Celtic, show tunes, progressive Christian, light classics, some '80's rock, some country, hymns...
  4. Quality, non-battery operated, educational toys.
  5. And of course there would be chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. To drink, to eat, to bake with. Especially a Bittersweet Chocolate cake served at a restaurant where I used to work.