Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Government Idiocy

The former Liberal government made a big deal about trying to improve the state of child care in Canada. They promised to spend billions to create more quality day care spaces. But of course the Conservatives didn't like that idea so they are canceling all the agreements the former government made with the provinces.

Instead they figured that it was better to give every family $100 per month for each child under 6, under the logic that to support day care "penalizes" stay-at-home parents who don't use it. This solves nothing. Not only will some provinces claw the money back from welfare recipients, but no new spaces will be created; and affordable, quality spaces are in very short supply in many places. (To be fair they promised to help with capital costs of new day care spaces --- which means you can build it but get no money to operate it).

Now let us be honest. We as a family benefit from this plan, we get the money and don't have to spend it on child care. But really it is a bad idea. Note to Mr. Harper, please listen to these people.

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