Wednesday, March 22, 2006

1st Dentist Visit

No not mine, #1 Daughter's.

Actually, to tell teh truth, this was her 2nd visit. But the first one was just a quick (and difficult) peek because mom thought she had seen a black spot. This was her first cleaning and real exam. ANd (drum roll please).......she LOVED it!

She spent all morning talking about going, we got there and "I'm ready!" until we got called in. THen she had a great chat with the hygenist about the cleaning process. Held her mouth nice and wide open. Didn't squirm much at all. She even let one x-ray get taken (although she wanted to say cheese--she was told that we were taking a picture of her teeth). THen the exam itself, still held her mouth nice and wide. Oh and did she ever love the riding up and down in the chair.

Now the question is--will this excitement last for other dentist visits? ANd for how long?

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  1. Glad to hear it went well. My kids are due for a dental visit soon, and I hope they go as smoothly.