Thursday, March 30, 2006

THis Wasn't in the Position Profile!

We have been having moderate to heavy rain here today. And of course the ground is still frozen, which limits drainage possibilities.

THis afternoon I go to the church for Bible Study (which, ironically enough, is about Water). And think "I should go check the downstairs washroom for water" (we often have water in there during heavy rains). On the way through our hall I find a nice big puddle on the floor, and yes the washroom was also flooded.

SO, instead of Bible Study three of us started sopping up the water seeping in the hall. A couple others worked at diverting the river that was flowing over the doorstep outside. At one point we dumped about 7 gallons out of the mop pail, then the new wet/dry vac arrived. Once we were caught up on the water in the hall we had BIble Study, and then re vacuumed afterward.

Hm, I seem to have missed that class when we were told that mopping up floods (and checking on the boiler which also stopped working earlier today -- that was a simple phone call to deal with) were part of the job.

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  1. Oh, yes. There ought to be a class on "Everything you never thought of that you'll need to know." Let's add plumbing and painting and furnace work to the list.