Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hope at LAst

As some readers will know, this town has been fighting lately. THe biggest payroll in town is a coal-fired generating station that was/is slated for closure in 2007. LASt week in the provincial budget there was the announcement of a research station that should help bridge that gap.

Now people are talking like it will be all better. BUt wait. 2 things trouble me. One is that just because a project is announced in a budget doesn't mean it will automatically happen. THe other is that this may just be a short-term fix. THe announcement last week was only $4 million. Is there ongoing funding to run the research centre? ANd even it will come to an end in time. It may be time to wipe the brow and say whew. It isn't time to stop working at some of the other projects that were being considered to strengthen the town's economic base.

One of the challenges many communities face is that of advanced planning. We always work hard for the crisis but taking steps to help avert the next crisis--not so much. THe problem is that when you are busy with the crisis of the day, there is little time for advanced planning. Seems to me that all organizations, and many individuals, can tend to have the same problem.

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