Friday, March 30, 2007

HEy Free Book!!!

WEnt to check the mail today and in the church box was a free book for me. NAturally I was suspicious, after all why are people giving away free books/

The book is Islamic Imperialism, a title which further raised my eyebrows. AND it was sent by the Institute on Religion and Democracy (IRD), an organization I know little about (although a quick scan of the website makes me doubt I would support them).

So the question is why are they sending me a book? And how do they have the wherewithal to be buying books for people? And those out their more familiar with IRD, who the heck are they?


  1. Anonymous31/3/07 06:25

    This link can explain:

    Also see:

  2. I see someone beat me to it.

    Talk2Action has a lot of information on the IRD.

    An organization worth knowing about, their history, their agenda and tactics - and not one worth supporting.:^)