Sunday, March 18, 2007


Reading this story really makes me wonder what we have come to: (some snippets)

A recent trip to the U.S. turned into a harrowing experience for a Lakehead
University student, who claims he was detained for more than 12 hours and
interrogated like a suspected terrorist.
And because his computer laptop was also seized, which had most of his
school material and assignments on it, the incident might have cost him his
school semester and future career. ....

But instead of letting Zeitoun, who holds a Canadian passport, return to Canada, they apparently detained him for a 12 1/2-hour ordeal that felt to him like “straight torture.”Zeitoun, a Muslim, was made to sit in an interrogation room all day, facing questions about whether he has ties to the Lebanese group Hezbollah, or knows anyone who has hatred towards the U.S.“‘What do you think of suicide bombers?’” Zeitoun said, recalling the interrogators’ questions. “‘You think it’s right, right? If you tell us anything, we’ll let you in.’ ...

“(The U.S. border agents) didn’t find anything on (Zeitoun) the first time or the second time,” Chahal said.He blames Zeitoun’s alleged ordeal on U.S. border security policies, which he claims leads “innocent civilians” into the kind of treatment Zeitoun says he received.Chahal claims people are susceptible of being treated as if they are “guilty without being tried” at U.S. border crossings if their name or appearance stereotypically resembles an Arab or Muslim.“So this is a problem, with racial profiling, anyone can be a target,” he said. ...

Really, is this what fear and the "War on Terror" have brought us to? Please read the whole article and tell me we all (Canadian, US-an and all) are not better than this?


  1. Wow. This is appalling. Absolutely appalling.

  2. Mahmoud was one of two Muslim students who visited our congregation to speak about Islam. Their presentation went over very well. His ordeal is scary, indeed...

  3. I agree with Sue, and that's all I can say: absolutely appalling.

  4. the fear of terrorism is being used - all over - to justify acts of terrorism by those who say they abhore it.

    I am so ashamed of what we as humans sink to - or allow others to get away with. It wasn't only in WW2 - it's happening now - again and again

    We need to treat people with respect!

  5. THere is an update on this story here