Tuesday, March 27, 2007

New Adventures to Come

Looking ahead we can see that in a few months, maybe 8 at most, we will need 3 beds and not 2 and a crib. But we have really only 2 useful bedrooms.

Therefore we realized that we would need bunk beds. So we have been doing some price checking and today found a good deal here in town ($700 including mattresses and taxes). The bed will arrive here end of the week.

Now Sarah and Devyn are incredibly excited, have been since we started asking if they wanted to share a bed. They have it all worked out--Sarah on top, Devyn on the bottom, and (apparently) Miriam in the middle (are we hanging a hammock???).

In theory we don't have to put anyone up top for a while, until they get used to the idea. But what are the chances we can keep them off?

Oh well, at least the bunk has rails all around.

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