Sunday, March 18, 2007

WOrds of Closing

Just did up the Bulletin for next Sunday. I always wrestle with the Gospel passage, mainly because I think Judas was largely right and the Jesus' words give us a nice excuse for not dealing seriously with poverty. Anyway, here is what I came up with to close the service (borrow at will if you find it useful)

A woman breaks a jar, a friend asks why waste money that could help the poor?
And we are reminded of our duty to help the least among us.
Jesus responds that the poor will always be with us.
And we are reminded that changing the world is terribly hard.
Go now into the world to live and serve.
We go to help those who need help and to work for a new way of being.
Go out into the world assured that you are not alone.
We go secure in the knowledge that God is with us.
May the blessing of God: Parent, Child, and Spirit go with you all your days.


  1. Beautiful way to end your service. Love the responsive benediction and commissioning!

    Dancing with God

  2. Anonymous21/3/07 14:13

    I wonder if the parenthetical note about Judas' sincerity (or lack thereof) was added later.

  3. I thought the same as kievas when I began my exegesis this week - it seems far too snide to be original to the text.

    Thanks for this beautiful commissioning - one little country church in Minnesota will be using your words Sunday morn!