Wednesday, March 21, 2007

WElcome to Spring!!

'Tis the day of the equinox and we have a grey drizzly day to mark it. Actually had a thunderstorm (with sleet instead of rain) last night.

And of course if the equinox is here then Easter is only a full moon away--and so yesterday morning was worhsip planning morning. And productive-ish too.

The outline (very bare bones as yet) of Palm Sunday is done with a sermon title Mob Politics, Who's the Fool Now?. Wonder what that will end up meaning???

Good Friday is done, but I cheated there and used the same service order as last year with a change in Gospel account (hey the story is still the same right? and last year there were only 4 of us anyway)

Easter Sunday, well all I have for that is the germ of a sermon title Finding the Tomb or something like that, I figure I will use the press coverage about the supposed finding of Jesus' tomb to good effect.

1 comment:

  1. That was quite the storm last night, wasn't it???

    It looks like your Easter planning is well underway. Can you believe it's only a few weeks away?????