Sunday, March 25, 2007

Next Week's Commissioning

The service is over, long live the service!

Time to start prepping for next week already...anyway, here is the commissioning I just wrote, in the unlikely event anyone finds it at all useful. The sermon will be called Mob Politics -- Who's the Fool Now?

We have heard about crowds shouting praises
And also about crowds shouting condemnation.
Having heard, we go out into the world where the power of the mob can do great good, or great wrong.
Having heard, we go out remembering that we too can be part of the mob of praise or the mob of condemnation.
We go out remembering a story of trial and injustice
We go out into a world where injustice still holds many in chains.
But we go secure in the knowledge that we do not face the mob or the injustice alone.
We go out secure in the knowledge that the God of justice goes with us every step of the path.
Thanks be to the God of palm branches, loaf and cup, and a cross on a hill. Amen.


  1. Thank you, F-Frodo. I was trying to find the bridge in my sermon about the story of the Palms to the Passion. I am aware that on April 1, 1933 the Nazi government began the boycott of Jewish business. The mob was born. 22 million members strong, the Nazi's could do so much, could be led around by the mob.

    Have you read Among the Thugs? Give it a peek sometime if you have not. It is about the mob, and how attractive it is...right or wrong.

  2. thank you for blogging this...please may I use it?