Friday, March 23, 2007

THat was a Great Design!

Wednesday afternoon I walk out of the hospital to find a flat tire. NO problem, I thought, Ill just go down the block and fill it up. Nope, could hear the air hissing out as I did so. SO I pull out the jack and lower the spare and start to change the tire.

The wheel covers are held on with bolts that fit over the lug nuts. So they need to come off first. One small problem--they are plastic bolts. Anyone want to guess how well plastic bolts stand up to daily exposure to bright sun and -30 winters? Not well--3 of the 5 snapped off before I could get them loosened.

SO a nice easy 5 minute job took 45 and a call to get someone to come help get the wheel cover off. I would like to congratulate the genius who thought plastic (and not overly heavy plastic at that) bolts were a good design feature.

(The tire is now fixed and back on, just have to wait while they order a new wheel cover--the bolts aren't replaceable by themselves)

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  1. And to make matters even better the replacement wheel cover was $120. But since the van is leased it was either replace it now or get charged for it in a year when the lease comes due