Monday, November 07, 2005

"5 Things Meme"

Got tagged by the old bill. Apparently I outdid him on the Bible quiz and this is my "reward".

10 years ago: Recovering from my failed internship. WOrking in a restaurant and saving to go to Great Britain (a 2 month trip in March/April of 1996)
5 years ago: Recovering from my successful internship. Doing my final year at seminary
1 year ago: Pretty much the same as this year. Ramping up for the Advent/Christmas frenzy, enjoying the time with my daughters.

5 yummy things
  1. Bittersweet Chocolate cake with custard sauce (this was served at a restaurant where I once worked)
  2. Baked Ham
  3. Corn Chowder
  4. Fresh baked buns
  5. Most anything chocolate

5 songs I know by heart (All of these are ones we sang at Camp)

  1. Lord of the Dance
  2. Stand By Me
  3. FLicker
  4. PAss It On
  5. The Wedding Banquet (I Cannot Come)
5 things I would do with a lot of money

  1. Pay off my student loan
  2. Buy out the lease on the van
  3. Give a bunch away (to various places)
  4. Top up the girl's RESP
  5. Buy a second vehicle
5 things I would never wear

  1. clerical collar
  2. hairpiece (except for theatrical purposes)
  3. grass skirt (just ask Patty)
  4. a piercing of any sort
  5. contact lenses

5 favourite tv shows

  1. Jon Stewart
  2. Commander-in-Chief
  3. West Wing
  4. 2 and a Half Men
  5. CSI: Miami

5 things I enjoy doing

  1. Walking with the dog
  2. Bedtime stories with the girls
  3. Reading
  4. Coffeeing
  5. Church Suppers

5 people I want to inflict this on

Can't think of 5. So I will just tag all the RevGAls who haven't done this one yet. (Yes I know that is cheating but oh well.)

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  1. Love your list. And you can check me off on most of your TV shows. I am addicted to West Wing.