Friday, November 04, 2005

Well that was, um, different

Normally when I do a funeral it is 30-45 minutes. Length depends largely on how many people give words of remembrance. Then there was todays.

The deceased was a pioneer of this community. Heavily involved in politics for the NDP for his entire 60 years here. HE touched many lives. Not only did he speak about the need to care for others, he actively lived it out.

5 eulogists. 2 of whom are politicians (one is the provincial party leader). Service started just after 1:00. Opening prayer, hymn, then Words of Remembrance. By the time I get up to read Scripture (used Amos5:21-24 and Matthew 25:31-40 to honour the social justice commitment) it was already 2:00. Each of the 5 eulogies were well done, but 4 of the 5 were long. And they stole most of my sermon points while they were at it! Actually that worked out well. I did some editing on the fly (still used most of what I had) and used the sermon to tie together what had been said and the Scripture. Very serendipitous in fact.

But keep this in mind. When people are giving eulogies are politicians--they will be longwinded (to be fair, the same could be said for preachers). Plan timelines accordingly. AS it was we just had time to get the comittal service done and leave the cemetery so that the staf could seal the grave with relatively little need for overtime.


  1. Ouch! Gee Gord, maybe you should have been paid some overtime.

  2. But isn't it great that the deceased had left their mark on their community in such a positive way and you weren't left with doing a funeral where people came because it was culturally necessary and they were thinking only of the food at the reception afterward?

    Oh yes, and don't forget, time in lieu, my man (as if: we did the small-town/rural pastorate, too...)

  3. TIme in lieu--unique idea. SOmetime this year I plan to take my Friday off for two consecutive weeks, maybe, possibly?

  4. Hey, congrats on the quick thinking.