Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Christmas Challenge

Every year parents are encouraged to spend lots on presents for their children. But I also want my children to learn that we give out of our abundance. THerefore I am making a commitment.

Whatever we spend on presents for the girls I will make a donation to charity (haven't decided which one yet, likely not general offering at the church) equivalent to at least 50% of that value. This may well become an annual part of our Christmas. ANd someday I will explain it to the girls (they are a bit young yet to get the concept of charity).

ANd now I challenge others to do the same with whatever percentage they choose to use.


  1. A wonderful idea Gord!

    My sisters and I agreed many years ago that exchanging gifts between us was a bit over the top. None of us really needs any more stuff. So instead we opted to forego the gifts altogether, and each family donates the amount they would have spent on family gifts to a charity/cause of their choice.

    That's a cheque I love to write every year.

  2. I already have. I didn't set out that way, but I realized that I have. It is a great feeling!