Saturday, November 12, 2005

Almost Done...

The terribly busy week that is. Last Sunday I looked at the "to be done" list and groaned. This is what it looked like:
  1. prepare bulletin for Nov 13 (done Sunday afternoon)
  2. prepare bulletin for Nov 20 (done Monday Afternoon)
  3. prepare sermon for Nov 13 (in progress--to be optimistic)
  4. prepare prayers for memorial service at Extended Care Wing
  5. prepare and lead Bible Study on Christmas stories (this week we looked at pronouncement stories)
  6. attend service in #4 (Thursday afternoon)
  7. prepare sermon for Remembrance Day
  8. preach said sermon (also ended up doing memorial prayers -- thanks to Monastic Mumblings that was easily prepared)
  9. attend Presbytery Exec Teleconference this morning
  10. prepare worship for meeting on Monday in Big City (done during teleconference--a wonderful way to multi-task)
  11. write pieces for church newsletter (done just after lunch)
  12. lead worship (that whole "do your job" thing)
  13. go to Big City for meeting (via Not So Big City) -- an all day process for a 6 hour meeting

And then of course there were those other things that come up in the course of a week. Well everything except the last two are completed--oh right there is that matter of what I will preach tomorrow. Title is "The Day of the Lord", a concept I find hard to deal with at the best of times (especially with the Zephaniah reading we are using this week).


  1. Congratulations on nearly making it through such an unwieldy to-do list!

  2. I'm tired just reading this!