Thursday, November 10, 2005

CHristmas Favourites

Rebel Without a Pew has a posting encouraging folks to name their least favourite CHristmas songs. Take a look, the list is growing and the comments about the list are often hilarious.

Just in the name of being fair and balanced. What are some your favourite Christmas things in any or all of these categories:
  1. Religious Music
  2. Secular Music
  3. movie
  4. food
  5. tradition


  1. Ok, I'll go first.

    1. Religious: Hark the Herald Angels Sing (but only because when we sing it on Christmas Eve, I can count on my sons singing in the back row with huge grins on their faces as they look up at the ceiling while singing it -- as in Charlie Brown Christmas....)

    2. Secular: Natalie McMaster and Alison Kraus "Get Me Through December" -- it's become something of an Advent theme song for my life.

    3. Movie: It's a Wonderful Life. I still cry when the community pulls together to help our George.

    4. Food: Scotch eggs and tortiere for Christmas Day brunch.

    5. Doing NOTHING on Dec 26th -- I don't even like getting out of my jammies that day. The utter relief and freedom of having no obligations for that day is simply heavenly.

  2. 1. Religious music: Angels Have Your Heard On High? ties with What Child Is This? I like songs with questions.

    2. Secular: That bell song: Hark silver bells, sweet silver bells blah blah blah Merry merry merry Christmas--and then it tumbles about with lots of sopranos and people singing over each other.

    3. Movie: Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!

    4. Food: peppermint chews. These seem to only exist during Christmas. And those Cadbury chocolate oranges. Can you tell I have a sweet tooth?

    5. Tradition: Driving around looking at the lights and lawn displays.

  3. Actually, maybe it's Angels we have heard on high with no question at all. Maybe the question was all with me.

  4. Great questions~

    1. Religious: I really like It Came Upon the Midnight Clear. That and the Wexford Carol (obscure I know). I did Magrigals in college and we always closed the evening with that. Exquisite harmony.

    Another obscure: I guess it's more an Advent song, "Jesus Christ the Apple Tree." More glorious harmony.

    2. Secular: The best secular song, world without end amen, is "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." So lovely, so melancholy. I know I will invite a challenge in saying this, but I have never heard a bad version of this song. Whether it's Robert Goulet or John Denver and Rolf the Dog (Muppet Christmas album), you can't go wrong.

    3. Movie: I would also have to go with It's a Wonderful Life.

    4. Food: R and I make homemade pralines every year. SO good.

    5. Tradition: Two traditions. One is listening to the King's College Service of Lessons and Carols on public radio Christmas Eve morning.

    The other is a new tradition: We have four Christmas Eve services at our church. It's impossible for me to go home between them, so between the first and second service, my husband brings soup and a simple dinner up to church and we have a "family dinner." We've taken to inviting the other church staff as well. It's really quite fun.

  5. I'm so sick of that poor Grandma...

    But I like...
    Religious Music - Little Drummer Boy
    Secular Music - Motown Christmas music
    movie - Christmas Story
    food - stuffing
    tradition - baking together

  6. Religious Music--Handel's Messiah. Nothing else comes close.

    Secular Music--Can't think of any secular Christmas music that I really like.

    Movie--A Charlie Brown Christmas. Love it.

    Food--Turducken. This is a Cajun specialty where a duck is stuffed inside a chicken and both are then stuffed inside a turkey with white/wild rice, shrimp and crawfish and cajun spices. Yum!

    Tradition--Christmas day breakfast with orange rolls followed by present opening around the tree.

  7. Religious: O Come, O Come Emmanuel (I know it is actually Advent and so does my congregation since I make them sing a verse every Sunday in response to lighting the Advent candles.

    Secular: Carol of the Bells (same as Bad Alice) I love it when done well by actual handbells and when done with a variety of instruments I love it with a good base line "bum bum bum bum".

    Movie - Secular: Elf

    Movie/TV - Religious: Charlie Brown Christmas

    Food: Applesauce cake and cookies made from scratch and decorated with icing by us.

    Tradition: We would go over to Gram's house and help make the Christmas cookies - eating the batter and overdoing it on the icing were expected! My Grandmother has since passed but now I am a Mom and my Mom is a Gram and the tradition will keep on going.