Friday, November 18, 2005

The Friday Five

  1. Earliest book you remember (read to you or by you) I am thinking The Cat in the Hat or something else Dr. Seuss-ish. Curious George was a favourite though. I was given a copy of that one at my ordination by a former babysitter who remembered reading it over and over (although it is entirely possible she was exaggerating).
  2. Picture Book you would like to climb into Ooooooooh, so many choices. Where the Wild Things Are jumps to mind.
  3. Favorite series of books (then or now) Well duh, Hobbit & Lord of the Rings with close second to the Narnia Chronicles and Harry Potter is a new entry.
  4. Character you would most like to meet As a teen I had a recurring dream about finding myself in a giant Armageddon-type battle where all the heroes of Middle-Earth from the First Age through to the War of the Rings were present.
  5. Last childhood book you re-read (for yourself or to someone) The Cat-in-the-Hat, read it to the girls at bedtime last night.


  1. I miss reading Dr. Seuss to the kids. They are just too old now!

  2. Jennifer1/2/10 14:52

    1. Goodnight Moon
    2. Ditto
    3. The Chronicles of Narnia
    4. Atticus Finch
    5. The Curious Little Kitten GETS LOST, written by Linda Hayward and illustrated by Maggie Swanson