Friday, November 25, 2005

Great Picture Gallery

the old bill has a gallery of images of Jesus he has collected over the years. Quite an eclectic collection and well worth a look.

Due to the size of the collection it may take a while to load. He says that he also has them subdivided. The list of categories is in this post

In a related vien. Some years ago the Provincial Museum in Edmonton had an exhibit called Anno Domini. It was a look at different ways Jesus has been portrayed in art through the centuries. There is a companion website here (since the exhibit has long since been taken down).


  1. And then there is kitsch...

  2. I did a Beliefnet dialogue group on the Anno Domini online exhibit last year...great stuff. Thanks for the other link, too.

  3. My final-year class at seminary made a field-trip to Edmonton to view the exhibit over the Nov 11 long weekend. It was very good, very interesting to see all the different styles and choices and metaphors.

    Actually, I was there twice. IT was one of those things that needed repeat visits to fully absorb it--too much for one trip.