Friday, November 18, 2005

Houston, We have a plan.

Well the beginnings of a plan anyway. Every year I look at Advent and wonder what to do. How best to prepare for the in-breaking of God into the world? This is where I am at thus far

  • Advent 1 (Nov 27): Darkness and Light
  • Advent 2 (Dec 4): Mary, Meek and Mild and Revolutionary
  • Advent 3 (Dec 11): Children's Pageant and White Gift Sunday
  • Advent 4 (Dec 18): The Christmas Story revisited (a critical look at what the story means in 2005--the sermon I never preach on Dec 24)
  • Christmas Eve: ???????
  • Dec 25 and Jan 1: Service cancelled
  • Jan 8: John the Baptist

Now the challenge is what to do on Dec 24. Every year I give the meditation in a first person style, alternating between ancient and modern characters -- I just don't find that a standard (or boring) sermon is appropriate for a service with all those anxious, excited children present. One year was the shepherd's story, then the story of the man and the birds seeking shelter, last year was the angel's story. This year is modern and I have no idea what character to use to build a monologue (suggestions welcome). But hey, I am farther along than I was before I went out for coffee!


  1. Interesting that you aren't having service on the 25th and the 1st. I was just talking to the pastor's wife about this. They always have to have service--even on the holidays. So they miss out on being home with family all morning--on a day when most people won't attend church. I think they should cancel too.

  2. Are you really cancelling on the 25th and 1st or was that just wishful thinking... er, typing?

  3. The Board decided to cancel both services. Actually I am on holidays from Dec 27-Jan 4 so wouldn't be there for New Year's anyway.

  4. Wow. I am gone 12/26 through 1/8 but we have guest preachers.

    I'm a bit split on it myself. I love worship on Christmas Day and think we will get the die-hards, but January 1st with a guest preacher... your guess is as good as mine.

    Glad the board made the decision so they are behind you. Enjoy!

  5. WEll it was their decision to make after all. IF they had said worship on Dec 25 I would have had no problem planning it. And if they had said worship on Jan 1 then I would have had no problem doing the bulletin--it is their responsibility to arrange for a preacher.