Monday, October 10, 2005

A Bit of a Laugh

(Before reading this story one needs to be aware that I am "follicly challenged")

One morning I was playing the "name the body part game" with Sarah. SHe is doing great with ears and eyes and hands. Even counting them. Then I point to the top of my head and say "what's this?"

HEr response. "No Hair". PAtty almost fell over laughing.

Just can't get a break around here--and her grandfather wasn't even around to coach her. It just came out naturally.


  1. There is, i am told, a direct correlation between sperm count/masculinity and the absence of head hair. The less hair on top, the more energy elsewhere, so to speak...

    In acse you're wondering, I am a little bit follicly challenger, but only in certain lights. So, I'm Mr. In-Between.

  2. THat is essentially the explanation our Grade 9 teacher tried as the class was giving him the gears:
    T: The way I see it you only have so many hormones. If you want to waste yours growing hair that is your business.
    S1: What do you use yours for?
    S2: Well he has 5 kids!
    (generall laughter and some redness to the faces of S1 and T)