Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Game Meme

(Courtesy of jo(e) )

Game that makes me think of summer evenings and freshly cut grass: Hide and Seek. Mother May I. What Time is it Mister Wolf. These are some of the games we would play in the cul-de-sac across from my childhood home--all the girls and I (for periods there were few male children on that block).
Games that we never finished: We always did finish Monopoly (dad always cleaned up) but would rarely finish a card game called "Big Bertha"--we would spend over 2 days working on this one during Christmas holidays.
Game which has caused the most injuries: If played well hide and seek. We would run right into the steel light post to call "home free".
Game that my kids love that I hate: As yet my kids are too young to really be into games. I am sure that there will be some that fit the category.
Games that my kids have played that I have not: See previous question
Appalling game for children: Red Rover. As an adult leading programs I have been one of the people to call for the banning of this game. Just have seen to many neck, head, wrist, and shoulder injuries (and near misses).
Something I hated about childhood games:Looking foolish. Especially at school. I was an unathletic, awkward child.
Game that scared me: Baseball. Playing in our local league I was beaned a couple of times and from then on was never really comfortable standing at the plate.
Game that involved laundry: Super heroes. Who hasn't tied a towel around their neck and pretended to fly? Also, while not strictly a game, we spent many days taking sheets and towels and lawn furniture to make forts in the backyard.
Game that brings out my competitive streak: To be honest, almost anything. I am often surprised how competitive I can be. (I have been known to curse the computer while playing Monopoly against it -- the rolls just don't seem random or fair at times.)
Games we played at birthday parties: I don't recall a lot of these. I assume the standards like Pin-the-Tail on the donkey when I was small. But then both my sister and I had at least one party where we went bowling (5Pin). That was very special at our age.
Earliest memories of a game: I learned cribbage as soon as I could add. But that was later. I guess Go Fish is my earliest memory. That and Crokinole. Or Croquet outside.
Card game played most often up at camp: While camping in the rain one year the four kids (we were with friends) spent whole days in one of the trailers yelling our throats raw playing "PIT". For some reason our parents always went to another trailer while we played?
Game I used to play with my grandmother: This is an easy one. Cribbage. My grandmother could (and did) spend hours playing cribbage. And I have yet to meet ANYONE for whom the cards fell as luckily as they did for her. In my lifetime she got at least 2 "29" hands.


  1. Oh, I had forgotten about the game PIT. Six of us used to play it, all screaming at once. It was so much fun.

  2. Cribbage. I always wanted to know that game.