Friday, October 07, 2005

A "Friday Five" (from the RevGal Pals)

1) What is your earliest memory of church?
Unquestionably Friday night potluck suppers. These were monthly events where the kids got to sit at the short tables without parents there to harass you about manners and all that dull stuff. Then we could all run around the church basement while dishes and coffee were happening.

2) How old were you when you first took Communion?
Um, we were still in the old sanctuary so I was under 14. And I was still in Junior Choir, and so and so was the minister...must have been about 10 or 11. Got chastised for it by my dad later since only confirmed members were to take communion at that point in time (now we have a much more open table--all welcome)

3) What is your favorite Bible verse/passage?
Matthew 25:31-46 ( sheep and the goats "whatever you did for the least of these...") Runner up goes to 1 Cor 13.

4) What verse/passage nicks you uncomfortably?
Luke's (6:20-26) version of the beatitudes. I always feel that I am in the "woe to you" category.

5) What's your favorite hymn or praise song?
Only ONE???? But there are so many... "In the Bulb there is a Flower" is on my family's funeral list for sure. "Lord of the Dance" is a fave since childhood. And of course there is "I Was there to Hear Your Borning Cry"--sang that one at our wedding. Not a fair question to only choose one--one per church season I might be able to do, and one for each type of special service (communion/Baptism/funeral etc)


  1. Gord, I have a dozen close runners-up to my favorite hymn, but considering the number of times I consider mine to be the "perfect closing hymn for this week's themes" it's hard to deny my favortism!
    Thanks for playing!

  2. Anonymous8/10/05 00:37

    just looked up Atikokan, Ontario on the map. Amazing looking place. If Thunder Bay is near you, you MUST know some Finns right ? (grin)

    We (hubby and I) flew to NY not long after 9/11. I was worried about leaving our kids behind and fearful of terrorist attacks. Anyway I left instructions with my then pastor (UMC) about funeral arrangements. Hadn't thought about that since then.

    I like the idea of your more open and inclusive communion table. Ours is like that - but we do leave it for parents to decide for their children - and hope that they come forward to commuinion together as a family. Soem families follow the communion after confirmation line. Funnily enough our own son wanted to do that (he was confirmed this summer) whereas our daughter who is younger had a longer to be part of the Eucharist. We respected them both - not in the liberal all truths are equal way of thinking -but because we realised that they viewed communion in different (equally valid) ways.