Monday, October 17, 2005

Church and State: Taxation (Addendum)

Meant to mention in yesterday's post that I fully expect to see at least some changes in the way church properties and employees are taxed by the end of my lifetime. I think we will find that it is part of moving beyond Christendom.


  1. I agree Gord. I think the church is hovering on the cusp of some major changes, including the way clergy are paid and taxed.

    I meant to comment earlier about the clergy union thing also....I agree. I have been waiting for some "buzz" about the issue and have heard none. Absolutely none. Which makes me think there is little chance of getting a 60% vote. I'm not sure the silence is a matter of secrecy/privacy or just lack of interest....but I tend to think it's the latter.

  2. SUe,
    I have wondered what the picture is in other conferences. From what I heard early on, there seemed to be more interest in London and Hamilton Conferences with a mixture of responses being reported from Toronto.

    Time will tell, but I suspect taht 60% is not going to happen.